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  • Ithax Founder & Owner of HelioN eSports. Ex Professional R6S player / Competitive Gamer / Twitch Streamer & Youtuber /
  • MLG The official Twitter account of Major League Gaming, The world leader in competitive eSports.
  • Call of Duty eSports The official home of the CallofDuty World League on Twitter.
  • ESL Counter-Strike Home of all CS titles on ESL - the world's largest esports company! Follow us to be the first to know about ESLOne, ESLProLeague, Go4CSGO & more!


  • Bullydarts Runcorn's first digital darts supplier. Search for bullydarts in App Store. Competitive prices, Exclusive offers & excellent feedback

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  • Flokkerdt I freely retweet things about Gaming - We are Gamers and GamersUnite! Love for indiegame
  • Gametech Europe We will freely (re)tweet 'your' tech news, from classic arcade to VirtualReality. Oh and about games, lots of games!
  • IcY Please subscribe to me on Youtube! *Weakness: Muffin Man* Music Of The Day (24/7) Fan of Nintendo and Sega
  • All Things Gaming Turn Notifications On! | You're a gamer? You should be following!
  • Awezome Game Guy Launching the biggest, baddest and bestest boardgame of kickstarter sooooooon!
  • Arachnidsdreamscape Arachnid's Dreamscape Card Game, a fast paced immersive Magic-like software game for PC, Androids, and iOS.


  • NintendoRelease I'm going to be posting all news articles and tweets I find about Nintendo. Wii, WiiU, NintendoNX
  • Nintendo Collection Official twitter account of


  • Retro Gaming Books Bringing you the knowledge and the authors from the great Retro Gaming Books out there!
  • Annoying Old Party Men We play old vidya games and talk about the important things
  • Retro Gamesmaster Website dedicated to retro games. Many interviews with people from Sensible Software, Ocean, Team 17 & the Oliver Twins to name a few. Also Indie gaming
  • GamesYouLoved The official account for GamesYouLoved® Celebrating retro games you loved from the past in the present
  • Lord Arse! Love retrogaming? Then this is the place to be! News, memories & lots of fun from the 8-bit days through to today!
  • U Love Classics Awesome news and information focused on the gameclassics from our Utomik platform and the rest of the industry!
  • PuppetMasterTHC Pro Online retrogaming with commentary. Please Sub to my YouTube Channel

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  • RuluX youtuber from norway! follow for updates. strongman competitor. gaming on youtube
  • Random Guy Gamer Random guy who will upload random gaming moments
  • Saiga GeneCast I am a cool youtuber that plays both modern and retro games.
  • Scott RM Canadian Protoss player, streamer and coach.
  • Sniperzerroni Machinima Partner. Entrepreneur. I live in the Mid Lane. CoD / Poketuber 5k on YT, Variety Streamer - Twitch: SniperZeroXI.

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  • Asobitai-Games Did you know boardgames come alive at night? Visit our webshop!
  • Game Marketing Promoting Great Mobile & PC Games and Projects Under Development
  • The Geek Gallery We sell original art prints showcasing great movies, TV and game nostalgia. Some are instantly recognisable but others only true movie geeks will know
  • Games & Electronics If your looking for new and old gaming products, then you came to the right place. We tweet where to buy gaming and electronic products.
  • Brunsman Rietveld Brunsman Rietveld. Niet de grootste exploitant van kansspelautomaten, maar wèl de leukste! Check de website
  • EmptyTown Empty Town Productions - We Do Logos, Banner Design, Commercials, Logos, Video/Photo Edits, And Much More !!!


  • iPhone Games I'm an iPhone game developer and tweet topics related to my games


  • Home of Nerds Looking for all the best news, reviews, info, and community on the web? Then it's time to come Home.
  • StarGamers Voor het laatste nieuws en de allervetste reviews, previews, features en video's.
  • Edamame Games Edamame, new mobile game reviews and news every day
  • Inside Out Gaming News and opinions about retro arcade emulation and modern day gaming. From the perspective of gamedevs and gamers.
  • Indigo Reviews Short quick Game Reviews,Gameplays, & commentary (from indie to bigger name games & all the between) Be sure to subscribe& stay updated!



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  • Xbox UK Welcome to the official Xbox Twitter channel for the UK.